Pyronix Product Discontinuation

The Pyronix V2GSM range of speech diallers are being discontinued, 5th March 2021 is the last date for sales orders. More information here.

Date: 10th February 2021
Categories: CCTV


We are writing to inform you that the V2GSM speech dialler is being discontinued with 5th March 2021 being the last sales order date.  

The involved part and respective individual items are listed below: 


SAP Code:          Pyronix Part Number:

361301120         FPV2GSM

361300135         FPV2GSMDE

361300138         FPV2GSMFR

361300137         FPV2GSMGB

361300130         FPV2GSMIT

361300136         FPV2GSMRUS

361300166         FPV2GSMSP 


Support Information

The standard warranty remains in effect for all products affected by this discontinuation notice.

If Pyronix does not have the direct replacement in the case of a warranty failure, customers will be provided with a unit of comparable or better performance. Pyronix cannot guarantee the same form or fit for the replacement product.

For more information or to discuss alternative solutions, please contact your local sales representative or Technical Support team.


  • Pyronix reserves all rights to alter, modify and cancel this notice.
  • Pyronix is not liable for any typing or printing errors.
  • For certain model’s status, please contact your local tech support team or sales representative



Or for more information please contact Security Supplies at 

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