GJD release the D-TECT Pet Immune Dual PIR Microwave Detector

Date: 25th March 2021
Categories: Intruder

GJD have released the new D-TECT Pet Immune (Dual PIR Microwave Detector)

The D-TECT Pet Immune only alerts to an intrusion when both PIR`s and the Microwave are triggered simultaneously, providing truly reliable performance and exceptional resistance to unwanted alarms.

It is perfect for residential and commercial outdoor applications where pets and other animals roam free.

D-TECT is designed to provide reliable immunity for animals weighing up to 30Kg. It also has a selectable range on the PIR & Microwave of up to 15m.


  • Active infra-red sensor system to prevent mask tampering
  • Adjustable 180° pan & 30° tilt 
  • Conduit adaptor available
  • Selectable range up to 15m on PIR & Microwave
  • Covert sensor module
  • Adjustable pulse count (Programmed through DIP switches) 1-4
  • Built-in anti-sway on the Microwave
  • Mounting height up to 1.8m


  • Modern design
  • Exceptional resistance to false alarms
  • Robust IP65 rated ABS housing
  • Superior PIR, Microwave & anti-mask sensor
  • Pet immunity up to 30Kg



For more information please visit GJD


For information on price & availability please contact Security Supplies at headoffice@security-supplies.co.uk 


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