Redvision have released an open-platform control system the VMS1000

Date: 3rd August 2021
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VMS1000 open-platform control system

Powered by Digifort video management software.

The Redvision VMS1000™ is both a video management software and analytics solution. It is powered by market-leading, Digifort software and offers unique features for Redvision’s rugged PTZs, such as analytics on presets and control of lights, wipers, washers and telemetry.

The Redvision VMS1000™ offers installers a cost-effective, scalable, intuitive, server-based control system, with no annual maintenance fees. It maximises the incredible functionality of the X-SERIES™ rugged PTZs and VEGA™ fixed cameras. It is also integrated with over 300 other CCTV brands, for total project flexibility. This enables the re-use of legacy CCTV cameras in surveillance projects, including encoding existing analogue cameras into the system, or the inclusion of new cameras and technologies, such as 4MP, 8MP and 12MP cameras and the use of H.265 compression.

License types

The Redvision VMS1000™ is available in four license types, Explorer (up to 16 cameras), Standard (up to 32 cameras), Professional (up to 64 cameras) and Enterprise (any number of cameras and sites). Explorer gives a cost-effective, entry-level control system option, but offers many benefits over “closed” NVR technology. However, the Redvision VMS1000™ will scale up to Enterprise solutions, with unlimited users and cameras.

Simple configuration

The Redvision VMS1000™ is easy and intuitive to set up, from its IT configuration through to site commissioning and analytics. LPR and Facial Recognition are add-on modules, making the system future-proof. It is compatible with edge analytics from leading camera suppliers; supports edge recording; and enables client workstations of up to eight monitors.

The Redvision VMS1000™ standard analytics functionality includes traffic management (speed filter), object tracking, loitering, virtual fence, missing object, abandoned object, face detection, vehicle counting and people counting.

Redvision VMS1000™ IPX Analytics uses Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning to recognise people, vehicles and objects and how they behave.

An alert can be raised if people, vehicles and / or objects of interest appear in a scene. However, the system becomes really powerful when additional rules are applied. Some examples are:

  • How many people are there in a camera view? Multiple camera views or zones can be added together to give a total.
  • How many cars in a car park?
  • Recognising a person with a gun.
  • Recognising a person is not wearing a helmet or has no PPE.
  • Showing when people are too close together and not social distancing.

Redvision VMS1000™ IPX Analytics is building up a database of more objects and rules, making the system more and more powerful.


Redvision VMS1000™ IPX Analytics comes in three modules:

1. GENERAL: Identifies over 80 objects including Person, Bicycle, Car, Bike, Airplane, Bus, Train, Truck, Boat, Bird, Cat, Dog, Horse, Sheep, Cow (and many other animals), Backpack, Umbrella, Purse, Suitcase, Knife, Plant, Laptop, Mouse, Cellular, Microwave, Book, Watch, Vase, Scissors and many more.


2. CRIME: Identifies short and long weapons (firearm), suspicious positioning (aiming position), motorcycle helmet and mask.


3. HELMET & PPE: Identifies if a person is wearing a hard helmet, mask and / or goggles.



Key Features

  • iLIDS™ compliant.
  • No annual maintenance fees.
  • Integrated analytics.
  • Metadata-based for fast processing.
  • Open platform VMS solution.
  • Integration with over 300 camera brands.
  • Flexible fail-over and remote storage options.
  • Intrusion, dwell and direction detection.
  • Removed, abandoned and stopped object.
  • People and object counting and people tracking.
  • Appearance and disappearance.
  • Tailgate detection.
  • Enter and exit detection.



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