Intratone Interactive Digital Noticeboard

Date: 7th April 2021
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Intratone’s Interactive Digital Noticeboard is designed to make communicating with Housing Association tenants faster, easier, and more inclusive. Display important information, such as maintenance schedules or repair notices, as well as public health information and general announcements, via the secure remote online management system.

An efficient way to keep tenants informed that also reduces waste, the Interactive Digital Noticeboard removes the need for paper-based notices, which can often be lost or mistakenly taken down. Plus, it reduces the need for time-consuming site visits.



Create a message for some or all of your Digital Noticeboards across multiple sites in just a few minutes using our secure remote online management site. Use your own files or preloaded templates for the notices, then either broadcast it or set a time for it to go live. Multiple messages can be uploaded to each Interactive Digital Noticeboard, with tenants able to scroll through them using the display buttons.

The Interactive Digital Noticeboard’s unique survey feature fosters inclusivity and a closer connection with tenants. Housing managers can pose questions to tenants, with voting completed by placing their key fobs on the built-in proximity reader. Users without building-specific key fobs can vote too with the scroll keys and a contact-less or near-field (NFC) device such as a credit card, mobile phone or another type of key fob, in order to help avoid frustration or vandalism.

When viewing the poll results in our remote online management system, answers can be filtered to show those from residents of the building only. All votes are anonymous and tenants can change their mind by simply voting again.

Using wireless, GSM technology, the Interactive Digital Noticeboard is easy to install in shared hallways or indoor entranceways, and its streamlined design and safety glass screen make it both durable and vandal-resistant.


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