Came XVP door entry camera system

Date: 31st August 2021
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Came XVP IP door entry panels.



XVP Innovative design for stylish technology

Exclusive buildings deserve high-end entry panels.

Developed using over 40 years` experience, Came introduce the XVP, their most advanced IP solution ever. Combining cutting edge technology & Italian style, XVP is the perfect solution for both residential & commercial premises.

Featuring a sleek panel with a discrete black finish, and a full 7" touch screen display, XVP is supplied with a custom-made steel mounting box for recess or wall mount installations, guaranteeing protection & durability.

  • Exclusive design & high end finishes
  • Resistant & reliable components
  • State of the art materials
  • Bright & clear 7" touch screen
  • High performance 1.3MP camera
  • Safety & control functions
  • Access control Integration
  • Customisable user experience

From large residential to office complexes

XVP has been designed for installation in the most prestigious buildings around the world including large apartment buildings, multi dwelling units & office blocks.

Smart features combined with state-of-the-art components allow for customisation of the user interface & functionality screens, including image changes, icons & route mapping.

Internal components are protected by a strong bonded glass & aluminium frame with the functionality to control access of different areas over a large number of extensions.

IP connectivity delivers remote management and off site system accessibility allowing installers greater control over the system 24/7.

Certified resistance for ultra durability

Combining elegance and sophistication and developed to be reliable and durable, XVP is the first high end entry panel introduced to the market with a full tempered glass surface.

During the research & development process, XVP has undergone a series of rigorous tests in Came`s testing facility, completing recognised certification to guarantee high levels of safety & reliability.

Bright & Clear

Clear visibility under any lighting condition, XVP is equipped with a 7" capacitive touch-screen display. It boasts an exceptional brightness of 800nits (more than double the amount of any other panel on the market). With such a fantastic upgrade, even when sunlight is super bright, youcan be confident that XVP will deliver maximum visibility.

To demonstrate it`s outstanding performance, Came have included a fingerprint reducing surface treatment & optical bonding technology which offer:

  • The reduction of reflections in both natural & artificial light, for a better resolution, contrast & brightness when viewing images.
  • Greater strength & excellent resistance to scratches due to a new sophisticated process of working with overlapping layers.
  • An anti-fog system due to the absence of air between display & the glass screen.
  • Outstanding touch sensitivity for precise capacitive touch-screen control, especially when wearing gloves, or wet conditions.

One eye on your visitor

In order to guarantee maximum security & perfect reliability when in use, XVP`s camera has the capability to capture people & objects even when they are outside the normal viewing range.

The video camera hosts a resolution of 1.3MP with a viewing range covering an area of 130° horizontally & 95° vertically.

This wide-angle feature is great for capturing all visitors, particularly children or disabled guests who may appear in the wider viewing range.

XVP also offers excellent depth-sensing capabilities so that perfect images can be captured in low light or darkness.

Around the camera lens, a circular ring light made of 30 LED`s has been installed to:

  • Clearly illuminate the person or object during night, fog or low light conditions.
  • Act as a courtesy light to confirm the panel is functional for visitors when in stand-by mode.

Proximity reader integration

The entry panel is equipped with a universal module that allows you to use a wide range of proximity readers. Alternatively a bracket may be added which allows for the mounting of most industry standard panel mount readers.

This allows you to customise XVP according to the specific needs of each installation.

Universal mounting

XVP has been designed with a series of fixing points to facilitate the use of a wide range of RFID readers, secured in to place with diagonal metal strap brackets.

Maximum dimensions for third party readers are as follows:

78mm(h) x 86mm(w) x 30mm(d) 


52mm(h) x 112mm(w) x 30mm(d).

Panel mount reader

XVP can easily house a wide range of industry standard panel mount readers by offering stud fixings located 48.5mm apart. Common readers that will fit the XVP bracket include:

Impro GB/MTMMDR, Paxton proximity panel mount reader (390-135), PAC Oneprox GS3-LF Panel, TDSi PANEL garde Panel mount reader, ACTpro X 1030PM Panel mount reader, ACTpro Mifare 1030PM Panel mount proximity reader, HID ProxPoint Plus 6005, Paxton P38 Prox reader.

May also be suitable for standard 4 hole panel mount style reader up to 75mm(h) x 75mm(w) x 30mm(d).

Bluetooth connection

The Bluetooth smartphone application, "CAME AutomationBT", available for both Android & iOS systems, enables access for users without the need for proximity cards or entry codes.

The system administrator manages different devices by activating users, as well as setting up scheduled times and specific authorisation levels related to each user.

This smartphone App is useful for setting up and assigning specific privileges for temporary users as well, such as cleaning or maintenance companies, tenants or occasional guests.

XVP receives the Bluetooth wireless signal generated by the smartphone (which can be up to 30 metres away). Once the automatic opening function is set within the app, it will allow the panel to record the signal even if the smartphone is in stand-by mode or inside a bag, so unlocking the smartphone for access is not required.






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