Dahua 6th Sense with AI

Date: 20th April 2021
Categories: CCTV


Thermal Camera Technology with AI

Solution Overview

Dahua`s latest range of thermal cameras include new features that are setting the standard in thermal camera technology. Highly accurate biult-in, deep-learning algorithms that intelligently analyse the video to detect people/vehicles, real-time active deterrence with alarm push notifications and accurate temperature measurement of objects, are just some of the enhanced features available.

These new features help prevent and detect not just criminal activity, but also act as an early warning system for machinery or components that are overheating and may cause a fire, damage or injury to staff. Border surveillance, perimeter protection, fire prevention, industrial temperature monitoring and long distance outdoor monitoring are all critical applications that can benefit from using thermal cameras.

Perimeter Protection Solutions

Dahua thermal cameras can be used for monitoring a fence line or perimeter by detecting the heat from an intruder or vehicle, even from long distances. They are particularly well suited to video surveillance in all weather conditions, including dense fog and heavy rain. At night time when conventional cameras are unable to detect hidden targets and are prone to false alarms, thermal cameras are an ideal solution.

Fire Detection Solution

Thermal imaging cameras can help to detect heat sources which can lead to fire outbreaks in outdoor & indoor applications. The potential source of a fire in a large building, including glowing embers, can be easily and quickly detected. By the time a fire is picked up by a smoke detector, it is often too late to prevent it spreading . In extensive outdoor applications such as forests & farmlan, it can be difficult to pinpoint the locationof a fire, so thermal cameras act as a very good early warning system.

 Industrial Temperature Measurement Solution

Thermal cameras are used in industrial automation, providing efficient and reliable monitoring and control of temperature-critical processes or automatic quality control.

Long Distance Monitoring Solution

Long distance monitoring of borders and fence lines can be very costly due to the extensive areas that need to be covered and environmental factors such as weather conditions. Thermal camera technology provides a cost-effective solution to these challenges by providing detailed images in all weather conditions, accurately classifying people and vehicles using built-in deep learning algorithms and detecting target distances in real-time.




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