Comelit Visto VIP Home Video Doorbell

Date: 20th April 2021
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Comelit VISTO VIP Home Video Doorbell

Visto lets you see, hear and speak with your visitors easily from your own smartphone whether you’re at home or outside, on holiday or at work. Wherever you are.

More than a Door Bell

Visto is more than just a video doorbell. It is a device that becomes part of your life. It is for convenience, so you can enjoy your garden without having to answer the door. It is a security device that allows you to always know who is at your door. It can give you motion notifications so you know when your kids arrive home from school or when a customer walks by your shop entrance. Overall it is something that you have been missing in your life and you didn’t even know it!

Enhanced security

The Visto Cam allows you to watch over the inside of your home or workplace for extended comfort and security. Check in and see what your kids are doing, or what trouble your dog might be getting into. Always be there, even when you are across the world.

Spot every detail

The Visto external cam allows you to see alternative views of the exterior of your house, workplace, and yard. It allows for an extra layer of security and monitoring in areas like walkways, garages, entrances and alleys.

Always with you

The Visto App is the main interface which allows users to easily interact with their Visto Doorbell and Cameras. It allows full two-way communication in HD video and crystal clear audio while you can view all of your doorbell cameras and accessory cameras which might be on your system with the ability to view all recorded pictures and videos which are stored on your device or in the cloud.

Different needs, different solutions

As well as people, houses are different. Visto brings you the most suitable solution for you and your home with two Wi-Fi kits (for existing systems and for the new installations) and one hard wired solution (Visto2).



The Visto 2 is connected to the Visto Chime through your existing 2-wires, while the Chime communicates with your network via Wi-Fi or Ethernet. This system allows you to install Visto out of your Wi-Fi range.



The Visto WiFi draws power from the two wires from your existing doorbell and the power supply connected to it. It then sends the data and communication signal over WiFi to connect to your mobile device for easy communication.

For your home

  • Know who`s at the door
  • Answer without stopping what you`re doing
  • Package protection
  • Monitor your kids while in another room
  • Motion detection alerts
  • Look what your pet is up to
  • Keep your beloved ones safe
  • Neighborhood security

For your business

  • Employee & customer protection
  • Don`t lose customers if you leave for 5 minutes
  • Goods protection
  • Checking on car parks
  • Security over nightshift
  • Screening your visitors
  • Multi building compounds
  • Use it as a help point



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