Comelit Mini Handsfree Wi-Fi

Date: 30th April 2021
Categories: Access control, Door entry, Digital solutions, Cloud solutions, Biometric, Contactless, Exit

Mini Handsfree Wi-Fi


Mini Handsfree Wi-Fi is the revolutionary wireless door entry monitor with a unique and original style, incorporating the most hi-tech materials, simple lines & clean shapes. It has a compact dimensions frame and a 4.3" 16/9 colour screen with 480x272 resolution.

It connects easily to your home router, replacing your old system without any further changes required to your Comelit system.

This allows you to be immediately connected with your home wherever you are and to access all the benefits of Wi-Fi connectivity such as managing video door phone calls from your smartphone, opening doors and gates also automatically with facial recognition, controlling your video door phone with voice thanks to the integration with the voice assistants, as well as activating all the functions connected to the 2-wire system of the home.


The integration with Amazon Alexa, available for free on Mini Wi-Fi, is the incredible innovation that led to the birth of the first voice-activated video door entry monitor, which can also be activated remotely.

The connection with Alexa allows you to receive the call notification on a smart speaker and open the gate without even getting up from the sofa. In addition, Alexa will notify us that we have guests:  «Emma has arrived»; At this point you just have to give the command:  «Alexa, open the gate».

360° integration that allows you to activate door and gate opening as well as external lights, as long as they are connected to the Comelit 2-wire video entry system. A novelty feature that Comelit offers its users completely free of charge, already available on all monitors installed and connected to the internet.


We know We know well that with one look it is possible to unlock a phone, but what if we could also open the door?

Comelit exploits the potential of the Cloud and introduces the new function of facial recognition, an intuitive and useful way to manage access to your house through the video entry system. 

During each call, the external unit detects the face of whoever has rung the bell, just swipe on the face and add it to the face recognition name directory and from the next call the person will be able to use the function.

From the APP, like the monitor, it will be possible to add new users, enable or disable each of them and the recognition function itself. 


  • 4.3" 16:9 monitor connected with integrated Wi-Fi
  • It replaces the old 2-wire door entry monitor without requiring additional wiring
  • Receive and answer calls from video door entry on smartphone / tablet
  • Outputs connected to the external unit (lights, gates...) can be activated directly from the app
  • Face recognition function with automatic door opening
  • Management of the video door entry system with voice command
  • Commands with "Sensitive touch" technology and LED backlighting
  • Wall-mounted and desk base installation
  • Version for SBTOP 2-wire system
  • Dimensions:  115 x 160 x 22mm
  • Contrast, brightness and ringtone volume adjustment and privacy control
  • Available in white version





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