Vimpex CLAMBELL Fire Alarm Bells

Date: 8th July 2021
Categories: Fire products

CLAMBELL Fire Alarm Bells

The ultimate in fire alarm bell technology

The ClamBell® is the first newly developed and approved bell to be launched globally in decades and the only fire alarm bell made in Europe. It has been carefully designed to combine core elements of popular existing designs with innovative new features to ensure consistent, reliable and predictable performance.

Our unique design makes the Clambell® quick to install and great to look at, while a fully controlled manufacturing process guarantees quality. It’s also a truly global product thanks to EN54-3 approval, pending UL-certification and mounting options for all worldwide installation practices.


It's called the ClamBell® because of the innovative hinged design that swings shut after installation. Together with a permanently fitted gong means no disassembly is required during installation.



The ClamBell® is a truly global product. Thanks to careful design and manufacturing, a single model has simultaneously been approved to EN54 Part 3 by LPCB and is pending UL 464 for the U.S. market.



The ClamBell® has a permanently fitted gong and unique hinged design, which does away with the long, complicated installation process of other bells. With no central bolt, the ClamBell® can be fitted in a matter of minutes.



With fully customised pad printing, your design can be placed on the front of the ClamBell® at the point of manufacture.


Discover the Story of the ClamBell®

Take a behind the scenes look at what makes the ClamBell® so special. From the unique design to our high-quality, British-based lean manufacturing process, you’ll get to see it all.



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