Redvision X3 Storm™

Date: 20th May 2021
Categories: CCTV

X3 Storm™ Ball PTZ Camera

The X3-STORM™ rugged, ball PTZ camera is designed for extreme environment surveillance applications. The camera body is precision-manufactured from Electropolished 316 Stainless-Steel, with toughened glass windows (Polycarbonate optional), making it highly resistant to vandalism and demanding environmental conditions. It has a long-life silicone wiper as standard and high efficiency, adaptive, long-range white-light and IR LED illumination as options, for exceptional night-time and low-light operation.

High-quality build

Everything about the X3-STORM™ rugged, ball PTZ is of high quality. All moving parts are designed to last; from its long-life, silicone wiper through to the motor technology used in its pan and tilt mechanism and its 30x optical zoom camera module, with exceptional low-light performance. The camera body is manufactured using an Investment Cast process, with all critical toleranced interfaces post-machined to achieve high accuracy.

Simple installation and set-up

The X3-STORM™ is designed for easy installation and configuration. A complete range of brackets, mounts and cable extensions allow installation in any environment, with a choice of RAL colour options to order.

VMS control

The X3-STORM™ is set-up and configured using Redvision’s web interface and can be controlled using Redvision’s own video management software, VMS1000™, or any of the leading, open-platform VMS solutions. These give access to 400 pre-sets, 12 tours, 12 scans, 6 tracks and 20 privacy masks, if supported by the VMS; alarms, motion detection, intelligent analytics and tracking; and four video stream profile settings for recording, visualisation, set-up and servicing.

Extensive features

The X3-STORM™ has an extensive range of features.It has a 3MP, 30x zoom camera module with exceptional low-light capability; four video streams for recording, visualisation, set-up and servicing; H265, H264 and MJPEG compression; up to 256GB SD card-based edge storage; ONVIF compliance to profile S, G and Q; 400 pre-sets, 12 tours, 12 scans, 6 tracks and 20 privacy masks; alarms, motion detection, intelligent analytics and tracking; and its operating temperature range is -40°C to 70°C.

Night-time performance

The X3-STORM™ brings new levels of performance, with IR detection distances in DORI (Detection, Observation, Recognition and Identification) tests now exceeding 300m at night.

Brackets and mounts

The X3-STORM™ mounting bracket has a 4” PCD mount with M8 holes. A complete range of brackets, mounts and cable extensions are also available, which are electropolished.

Colour options

The X3-STORM™ and its mounts are available as electropolish as standard, or they can be ordered in any bespoke colour from the RAL range.


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