RGL Weatherproof Touch Free Exit Device

Date: 8th June 2021
Categories: Access control, Door entry, Contactless, Exit


WP-EBNT/TF-1 Weatherproof Touch Free Exit Device

Ideal for a Covid-19 safe solution, it boasts many features as below...


  • 38mm Touch free sensor button
  • Illumination - Green to red (or red to green)
  • High impact plastic back box
  • Can be surface or flush fitting
  • Easy clean surface
  • Ideal for general / sensitive areas
  • Screw footprint for flush fitting onto standard back box
  • Distance between fixing holes 60mm
  • Gasket and gland included


  • Suitable Alternative Back Boxes
  • EXTR02 (Aluminium Extrusion 40mm)
  • SSBB02 (Stainless Steel Back Box 42mm)
  • PBB05 (Green or Black Back Box 40mm)



  • Contacts: Double pole NONC contacts
  • Contact Load: 0.5A @ AC 120V / 1A @ DC24V
  • Dual voltage 12/24 VDC @ 45mA operating
  • +/- 10% voltage tolerance
  • Etched legend (various options available)
  • Security screws (allen key type)
  • Button rated IP65 ingress protection
  • Adjustable relay opening times (0.5 to 20 sec)
  • Adjustable proximity distance (3 to 12 cm)
  • -10° to +70° operating temperature
  • Designed to prevent interference with other infra red devices
  • Rated IP66 ingress protection


Requires a permanent power

  • Volt free contacts




For all the information you need on the WP-EBNT/TF-1 please


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