Comelit Ultra Modular Entrance Panel

Date: 17th June 2021
Categories: Intruder, Access control, Door entry, Digital solutions, Cloud solutions

Comelit Ultra Modular Entrance Panel

ULTRA, the new and most technologically advanced entrance panel offering maximum ease of installation. This modular entrance panel features a modern design, created to adapt to a wide range of applications, from small to large complexes.

Die-cast aluminium frames increase the entrance panel’s resistance to atmospheric agents. Available in flush-mounting or surface mounting versions (surface-mounting variant just 35 mm thick). Easy to install and configure, thanks to the smart programming of call buttons. Available in an audio and audio/video version with colour video camera.

The buttons are made using professional-grade plastic given an antiyellowing and anti-dulling treatment, or aluminium. Twilight sensor for automatic nameplate backlight switch-off during daytime hours.


Beyond the limits of weather

Ultra is made using the best materials, selected after numerous studies and water, dust and impact resistance tests.

The die-cast aluminium frame offers a high level of resistance to atmospheric agents, chemical corrosion and UV rays.

The plastic buttons are made using an anti-dulling and anti-yellowing methacrylate material – the same as used for the light assemblies in motor vehicles – to guarantee the very highest resistance to heat and bad weather conditions.

Beyond your imagination

Ultra is designed to adapt to the most diverse applications, from individual homes to large residential complexes.

The analogue entrance panel is perfect for huddles of buildings such as villas and small apartment blocks, and its modular nature means that buttons can be added to fully satisfy residential requirements.

The touchscreen version, the number keypad (which can be used to make calls as well as enter classic lock-release codes) and the digital directory are the ideal solutions for easy navigation of complexes encompassing hundreds of apartments.

Beyond innovation

Ultra can accommodate a 5-inch colour touchscreen with user-friendly graphics..

Offering definition with a pixel density of 4K and equipped with a scrolling interface such as those used in smartphones, Ultra offers almost infinite customisation options, such as the addition of a company logo alongside a name and the application of a welcome screen.

In the touchscreen version, a simple swipe can be used to move from the digital directory to the number keypad in order to enter a personal code, and the unit is also equipped with an RFID proximity reader to open doors without the use of keys.


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