Pyronix Enforcer V11 Kits

Date: 4th August 2021
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Enforcer V11 Kits

Pyronix are delighted to launch their all-in-one security solution, the Enforcer V11, AndroidTablet, HomeControlHUB app and SmartPlug.

Enforcer V11 new key features

  • Wi-Fi now build onboard main PCB
  • AndroidTablet app & HomeControlHUB compatible
  • Disable supervision option with each wireless detector
  • Occupancy zone attribute and timers
  • WPS for simple Wi-Fi setup
  • Multiple simultaneous communications channels

The Enforcer V11 expands and enhances system application capabilities, with a range of new and innovative features to practically cover any installation requirement. This includes unsupervised zones to deliver car, van and caravan coverage; adding security peripherals for additional peace of mind when parked outside the property. While occupancy timers on zones provide a new care feature; protecting elderly family members by setting timers to generate a push or voice push notification to a family member via the mobile app, or even a notification to an Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC), if no movement has been detected.

The introduction of the new SmartPlug provides installers further upsell advantages and opportunities, by entering the smart home market with value-added integration. This provides smart home integration so that users can manage any plug-in appliance at the touch of the AndroidTablet’s screen via the HomeControlHUB app, where they can also access their cameras and security, even using the ‘sound-on-demand’ function to activate the siren to ward off intruders.

The AndroidTablet not only allows users to surf the web, but also open the HomeControlHUB app (available to download from the Google Play Store) for complete control of the Enforcer V11 from the touchscreen keypad display. The interface pulls the installer’s branding from their PyronixCloud account to deliver a consistent, uniform and professional system throughout, including a quick share option for users to send installer details to friends and family. The interface can even be used by the installer as a portable keypad on maintenance visits, while existing ProControl+ accounts can be connected to pull other Hikvision/Pyronix cameras on the property in to view via HomeControlHUB.


AndroidTablet with HomeControlHUB app key features

  • Integrating security, video & home automation
  • HomeControlHUB app available to download from Google Play. Only compatible with the new AndroidTablet from Pyronix
  • Installer branding and contact details pulled from the cloud
  • Ring sounder panic feature to take action & deter intruders
  • Create scenes and automation with the Smartplug
  • View cameras connected to the users ProControl+ or Hik-Connect account

Either mounted to act as a keypad for your panel or mobile to let you monitor and control your system around the your residential property or business, the AndroidTablet provides flexible and convenient access and control of your system.

The AndroidTablet with HomeControlHUB isn’t just a convenient interface for the user, but also for you, as a portable keypad for your maintenance visits.

Don’t waste time referring back to a static keypad on the wall, pick up the AndroidTablet and walk around to quickly and efficiently check, diagnose, walk test and maintain the system.


Not only does the AndroidTablet give users an easy and flexible way to control their security through HomeControlHUB, it can also be used day to day.

From surfing the web, managing emails, watching movies or taking pictures, the AndroidTablet is the user’s to use however they wish.



Smartplug key features

  • Automate devices in your home
  • Create scenes which activate at the touch of a button
  • Toggle your devices on and off quickly and simply

Once added to the system, users can take full advantage of the SmartPlug functions from anywhere using the AndroidTablet with HomeControlHUB. As long as they’re connected to the internet, they’re in control of the SmartPlug.

With the SmartPlug, users can quickly and easily switch devices on and off. A simple flick of the AndroidTablet with HomeControlHUB’s screen and the user can turn devices on and off around the property.

Alongside scheduling, you can set up automations to trigger based on the time of day. Requiring no interaction from the user, when the specified event takes place, the SmartPlug will trigger automatically to switch on or off any device it’s connected to.

If the user unplugs the SmartPlug to move it elsewhere, or if there’s a power cut, it doesn’t need re-adding to the system. As soon as the SmartPlug is powered back up it will remember the Wi-Fi credentials and reconnect. Not only that, but there’s no limit to how many smart devices that can be added to one account.




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