Pyronix Home Control 2.0

Date: 4th August 2021
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HomeControl2.0 raising the bar,

with new features & capabilities

Make the move to HomeControl2.0

Have you heard about our new app?
HomeControl2.0 raises the bar even further, with a range of new features, capabilities and a fresh new look.
If you’re using HomeControl+ or ProControl+ for your alarm-only installations, now’s the time to switch to HomeControl2.0 and deliver a new level of security control and interactivity.

This brand new app has been built with you and your users in mind. Featuring a newly designed interface, HomeControl2.0 enhances the day-to-day user experience by making controlling and managing the alarm system a quick, smooth and straightforward process.

Biometric login

Unlike HomeControl+ and ProControl+, HomeControl2.0 features biometric login for direct access to the security system. So, instead of the user having to enter their credentials each time they want to access their alarm via the app, with HomeControl2.0 they can use facial recognition or fingerprint on both iOS and Android devices. This delivers a much more straightforward and convenient method of accessing their system.

Geofencing capabilities

HomeControl2.0 extends the capabilities of security system control; reminding the user to arm/disarm their system as they enter/exit a specified geofence area. Configurable between 100m and 1000m to suit your user’s preferences, HomeControl2.0 will remind them to arm or disarm as they leave and return to their property.

The app that speaks

Configure HomeControl2.0 to deliver voice push notifications to grab your user’s attention and keep them informed! The app can provide voice notification alerts for everything from ‘armed’ and ‘disarmed’, to ‘perimeter breached’ for enhanced perimeter protection. Keep them alert, all the time.

Remote monitoring & control - anywhere in the world

Accessible from anywhere, HomeControl2.0 provides the user with instant access and control over their entire security system. So, they can not only stay informed, but also arm, disarm and more, at any time.

Future developments

The app has been developed to evolve, meaning it’s designed for both now and the future. With many other new and exciting features in the pipeline, such as video integration, HomeControl2.0 is built to last.
Developed to both enhance the day-to-day user experience and evolve over time, HomeControl2.0 provides the solution for now and the future.





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