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Date: 8th March 2021
Categories: Access control


Created specifically for affordable housing, the DD-02 intercom is the latest addition to our range of next-generation, accessible intercom systems.

Designed to enhance tenant safety and building security, while also offering a full suite of accessibility features, the DD-02 is an innovative, durable alternative to traditional wired intercoms.

It offers:

  • Direct dial calling, audio induction loop, and backlit, braille keypad
  • Pinhole video camera for additional security
  • Built-in proximity reader for secure resident key fobs
  • Vandal-resistant, flush-fit design

Like all our intercoms, the DD-02 is powered by wireless GSM technology, meaning housing managers can control building access remotely via our secure online management system – while residents can let visitors in using their mobile phone or tablet. Plus, with no cabling or handsets to install, the DD-02 guarantees quicker, safer installations too.

The DD-02 intercom makes property access easier to manage, while being vandal-resistant and accessible for everyone. It’s the complete solution!

Enhancing tenant safety and building security in multi-dwelling affordable housing, the wireless DD-02 intercom features a hidden pinhole video camera so that residents can view visitors on their smartphone or tablet, as well as a built-in proximity reader for secure key fobs, and a vandal-resistant design. With the DD-02 you can rest assured that both your residents and properties are safeguarded.

Easy for anyone to use, the DD-02 also offers a host of accessibility features including direct dial calling, an audio induction loop and braille keypad, as well as touch-free operation for tenants via the key fob proximity reader.

Housing professionals can quickly and easily control building access for tenants, service providers and contractors without visiting the site, via our secure remote online management system. In addition, the DD-02 offers timed or temporary access via the built-in coded keypad function.

Like all our wireless handset-free intercoms ongoing maintenance is minimised, and it’s quick, easy and safe to install – no need to disturb tenants or enter individual residences. Plus, with no cables or handsets to be damaged or experience wear-and-tear, the DD-02 is a long-lasting access solution.


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